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Applicable Products

For which goods does the Certificate of Conformity apply?

It applies to all consignments of products subject to EC Marketing Standards imported into the UK from countries outside of the European Community.   Products subject to EC Marketing Standards which are intended for processing will also require a certificate. These are not products that have already undergone some preparation or processing but whole products that may not be easily distinguishable from products intended for the fresh market.

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The products concerned are:

Fruit Vegetables Salad Crops Nuts in Shell
Apples Artichokes Celery Hazelnuts in shell
Apricots Asparagus Chicory Walnuts in shell
Avocado Pears Aubergines Cucumbers
Cherries Beans Cultivated mushrooms
Clementines Brussel Sprouts Iceberg lettuce
Grapes Cabbage Lettuce
Kiwi Fruit Carrots Sweet Peppers
Lemons Cauliflower Tomatoes
Mandarins Courgettes
Melons Garlic
Nectarines Leeks
Oranges Onions
Peaches Peas
Pears Spinach
Water melons