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Register for Peach

Formal Registration to the PEACH system is required so that we can ensure commercial confidentiality on this system.

Once you submit your completed registration application below and submit it to us, you will receive an immediate notification that the application has been received. This notification will detail which Regional Inspector has received the application and give you a contact phone number and e-mail address. The Regional inspector who will deal with your application will be based on the post code you have entered.

The registration is not automatic but involves the HMI checking on a system to see if you are already registered to our database. If you are then the match to your application can be made and you will be informed of when you may start to complete and send forms to us. This should normally take place within a short period of time. If we do not have any record of your business we may need to contact you to obtain further details. Once we have received those details registration will again take only a short period of time.

Please complete all fields as fully and accurately as possible. Thank you.

To register for the PEACH system please fill in your business' details below. Details that must be supplied are marked in bold.

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